Test Engineering

Deliver quality products faster with continuous testing

The digital economy is transforming the way everything is done. To survive in this complex and competitive environment, your applications must drive exceptional customer experience and deliver on your brand promise – today and tomorrow. In the digital era, to get quality products to market quickly, and to continuously improve those products, requires a new way of testing.

To achieve the outcomes your clients need, continuous testing must be built into your development process from end to end. This transformation not only better enables your Agile and DevOps initiatives, it also puts your software products and applications in the hands of your end users faster, with consistently exceptional quality. That’s continuous engineering – and that’s core strength. We were born digital, and for over 18 years we’ve helped enterprises reach their goals of delivering quality products to their clients.

Driving Speed and Quality with Continuous Testing

Continuous & Automated Testing

Execute automated tests to get immediate feedback on the business risks of a software release

API & Web Service Testing

Stay ahead of the competition by achieving faster test cycles at lower costs powered by reusable test automation frameworks

Custom Testing Tools

Use Automation Testing Tools Support to optimize your software tools and environment

Product Testing

Delve deeper with a disciplined application of product analysis and product engineering testing

Testing in a Connected World

Uncover the value of outside-in testing in a highly connected world

Tools & Environment Services

Accelerate testing, reduce overhead costs and speed up time-to-market with proprietary, ready-to-deploy testing tools and frameworks

Package Application Testing

Enhance application performance with shorter testing cycles, automation and effective testing processes

Data Testing CoE

Achieve superior decision-making capabilities backed by end-to-end data testing services across traditional and emerging data technologies