Technical Support Services

Technical Support Services can be delivered over varied communication channels, like, email, chat, phone calls or using specified software. Tech support process outsourcing team integrates the requisite software on the clients’ network system which makes service delivery easier and faster.

However, just to outsource technical support services from any random solution provider is not enough. Ultimately, exceptional training, on-site activities, and the amount of time spent on handling various types of customers with diversified behaviour determines the capability of any Tech Support Process Outsourcing solution providers?
fox-technology possesses an exceptionally trained technical support service staff to monitor and manage organization network system by diagnosing the fault within it and fix at the earliest without leaving an error. Our technical support services team’s one and sole motto is to keep business running smoothly.

“Outsource technical support services from fox-technology and increase your company’s IT security by 60%.”

Tech Support Process Outsourcing Services We Offer

L1 & L2 Support Services
Our Technical Support Services range from managing, monitoring, and categorizing the initial level tasks (L1), to escalating & resolving the higher risk issues to advanced level (L2). Tech support process outsourcing L1 staff categorizes the entries by their risk values and escalates to the L2 team which dominates more experienced and suitable resources.

Remote Monitoring Services
By Outsourcing technical support services from fox-technology your infrastructure system will always be saved from downtime. We implement smart RM tools to manage any complex data received through different channels of organization. 24/7 outsourced technical support Services and relevant tech knowledge allow us to fix problems quicker.

IT Help Desk Services
At fox-technology, Technical Support Services consist centralized resources who work perpetually to address company’s technical queries. Our tech support process outsourcing executives effectively handle troubleshooting and alleviate accurate solution. 24/7 Outsourced Technical Support Services unquestionably removes business downtime to larger extent.

Network Security Monitoring Services
At here, tech support process outsourcing team comprises essential network monitoring tools to analyze data coming from different environments. Our smart security monitoring tools collect time & detail of suspicious invasions in the most accurate manner. Technical Support Service experts then come up-up with the right mix of befitting solutions to integrate into the system.

Email Support Services
Here, tech support process outsourcing squad addresses, query resolution, escalation resolving, follow-up and more in an effective manner. Our Technical support services team applies imperative method of resolving technical issues which has gained us a large customer base in past as well. We confidently deliver better assistance in comparison to any other solution provider.

Voice Support Services
Our 24/7 Outsourced Technical Support Services are geared to assist business with immaculate voice support services. We offer tailor-made Technical support services which are designed after our analyst studies and understands the business need from its core. Our tech support process outsourcing services range from simple calls to complex issue resolution while lowering down the operational investment.

Desktop Support Services
Our customized solutions for desktop support services are designed for any type and size of business. Certified technical support service executives handle IT assets related processes with utmost competency. Be it device setup, troubleshooting, or transferring, our tech support process outsourcing experts are always ready to take any challenge 24/7.

Tech Chat Support Services
Our Technical support services team helps clients focus on their core business by setting up another set of eyes into system ascertaining that any risk is bounced back. 24/7 Outsourced Technical Support Services are carried out through fastest and reliable chat tools. We know that communication skill plays vital role in any chat support and we take this factor seriously.

Why Outsource Technical Support Services at fox-technology?
So, why must you outsource technical support services? To keep up with the need of customers, businesses naturally upgrade and sometimes migrate to the larger environment. When work extends, handling multiple organizational operations become complex accordingly. Keeping pace with the customer needs while managing internal system becomes bit tortuous. This is why tech support outsourcing comes into the picture.

At fox-technology, we are known to be a pioneer in outsourcing technical support services. Our round the clock, 24/7 technical support outsourcing services assure you to match up with the customer expectation without falling a bit.
The following points make us one of a kind service providers;

Round the clock services
Our 24/7 Outsourced Technical Support Services are available throughout the year, even on holidays. Peak days are the time when our true calibre unveils.

World-class technology
To outsource technical support services effectively and efficiently, we use latest IT and technical support service tools which improves response time by 50%, which eventually creates more satisfied customers.

19 years of experience
Number of memberships and certifications received from authorized bodies make us one of the most trusted and reliable 24/7 technical outsourced support service solution providers around the world.

Affordable yet accurate
Competitive pricing offered by our technical support services saves 70% of operational cost. Our out-and-out knowledge of hardware and software has saved many infrastructures from busting.

Certified Technical Support Outsource Services
ISO 90001 & ISO 27001 Certification confirms the level of sincerity and commitment we have towards tech support process outsourcing. It also depicts that we use only excellent support tools to streamline and manage customer issues.

Key attributes of Technical Support Outsource Services

The need of 24/7 Outsourced Technical Support Services is never limited to any one reason. Every industry has its own set of services, work culture and attached priorities. We, as a Technical support outsource service providers understand this fact and come-up with the most impressive features that stand identical with all types of industries. Here are the features our past clients vouch on for us;

100% data confidentiality and security
Automated processes to save time & money
End-to–end customer service
Customize software development and maintenance solution
Cloud services
Complete data recording