Enterprise Security Solutions

Enterprise Security Solutions allows organizations to get detailed and in-depth insights regarding the current status of their security infrastructure. Enterprise Security Solutions not only help organizations understand their IT security postures but also provide the best course of action to overcome the security loopholes. Security Solutions help prevent issues such as critical infrastructure disruption, data leakage, and data stealing. Explore our comprehensive range of Enterprise security solutions.

AlienVault – Unified Security Management Solution (SIEM)
fox-technology has partnered with AlienVault to help you achieve a complete threat visibility by monitoring and analyzing every activity happening on your network infrastructure. Our Unified Security Management Solution gives your organizations insights on the network to help increase the operational efficiency.

Checkmarx – Secure Source Code Analysis Solution (SAST)
fox-technology with the help of Checkmarx offers Secure Source Code Analysis Solution that helps identify flaws in the applications or software. We make use of the latest and updated technologies to deliver quality centric and Secure Source Code Analysis of software and applications. Our Source Code Analysis Solutions focus on improving the operational efficiency of software, applications, and guarantees flawless performance.

Recorded Future – Real-time Threat Intelligence solution
fox-technology has joined hands with Recorded Future to provide best in class and real-time threat intelligence services to help eliminate the number of Cyberattacks at your organization. From threat identification to mitigation we provide a complete range of security services. Our Security services provide quick, immediate threat alerts and help in risk prioritization.

Incapsula – Cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF)
We have collaborated with Incapsula for providing Cloud-based Web Application Firewall (WAF) services. Web application Firewall services are used to filter malicious visitors and requests like SQL injections and XSS attacks. Top vulnerabilities such as identity theft, unauthorized data, injection flaws, falsified transactions, unvalidated redirects can be minimized using Cloud-based Web Application Firewall.