IT Automation Solutions

Intelligent automation for radical business transformation

Intelligent automation has become a game-changer. It has already established itself firmly as the most effective paths to organizational agility and efficiency. Smart organizations are now conscious of the urgency in deploying intelligent automation. They know it can improve the use of their IT assets, help meet organizational strategies, deliver cost reduction goals, enable the adoption of new technologies and transform customer experience.

The most notable aspect is our philosophy of automation. Our humane approach has led to the cross-skilling, upskilling and reskilling of our workforce, thereby never having to replace them.

Intelligent automation is a way of life. We use it aggressively to deliver our services to customers and also to improve our own productivity. It is built into our DNA. It dictates everything, from development to transition and from testing to run processes. We are using it with radical outcomes in support functions such as CIS and finance.

Without exception, we are keen to automate everything that can be automated! And our extensive experience with automation has shown that it is not a one-time activity—intelligent automation delivers exponential returns when it is approached as a continuous journey.

Business process automation

We help businesses automate processes involving repetitive activities. We have deep expertise in automating processes in IT operations (new use onboarding), financial services (account payable provisioning, payment processing, reconciliation and claims processing), manufacturing processes (price comparison, reporting, and data monitoring), and government processes (verification, integrating legacy systems and daily reports).

Application maintenance and support (AMS)

Our automation-first approach, backed by proprietary end-to-end workflow-driven platforms, help analyze complex application portfolios, and design automation strategies right from the transition phase. As part of AMS engagement, we support automations majorly for routine SOP-based and Runbook-based activities. Our automation landscape also cover vital activities in AMS such as monitoring (health check monitoring, security monitoring), reporting and areas within L2 support.

Infrastructure maintenance and technical support (IMTS)

We help achieve maximum automation in infrastructure management, both on premise and on cloud. Our platform-led service delivery accelerates end-to-end L1 automation in the areas of server, database, application, network, and security. In addition, we support automation of operational tasks like ticket creation, triage, resolution as per KEDB, and report generation. L2 automation covers configuration, access, self-healing capabilities in addition to environment setup, log analysis, and CI/CD.

Application development (SDLC processes)

Our automation technology landscape along with proprietary Intellectual Properties (IPs) covers a range of home-grown platforms to accelerate end-to-end IT lifecycle automation. Auto code generation through CodeMill helps develop quality code which is tailor-made to meet client’s specific standards faster than ever before. Our enterprise DevOps platform CAPE, enables pre-built integrated DevOps tools connectors, enterprise-wide metrics, aggregated reporting, analytics and visualization across multiple tools and helps businesses take real time decisions.

Quality assurance processes

We help clients with end-to-end automation testing using DTEP, a script-less, scalable and modularized platform which can be deployed on premise or in the cloud, to transform testing journeys. Numerous accelerators enable maintenance of test scenarios, test bed creation and variants of testing (digital, mobility, cloud, data, security, ERP implementation, performance). CI/CD pipeline integration helps visualize the traceability, test execution reports and various other metrics on the fly.