SOC as a Service

Security Operation Center commonly referred as SOC is a centralized location from where an organization’s entire IT environment is monitored to help prevent, detect and mitigate cyber attacks. According to a Statista report the most commonly experienced cyber attacks are Malware, phishing and social engineering, web-based attacks, botnets, malicious codes, and denial of service (DOS). A well structured SOC service can help safeguard your digital assets from these cyber attacks

fox-technology has a team of OSCP, OSWP, CEH certified SOC experts who can help strengthen your IT security architecture. We offer following services under SOC Service.

  • Penetration Testing – Threat identification, Source code analysis
  • Behavioral Monitoring – netflow analysis
  • Security Intelligence – log management, SIEM event correlation
  • Vulnerability Assessment – vulnerability monitoring,  active network scanning, continuous
  • Threat Haunting – Monitoring of IT environment, trapping the attacker to minimize end damage.
  • Incident Response Handling ( IRH) – network forensics, IP tracing
  • Threat Intelligence – Information gathering about potential attack sources

Our SOC services help businesses streamline cyber security operations. Security Operation Center (SOC ) analyzes networks, servers, databases, and other IT infrastructure on a 24*7 basis.

Benefits Of Our SOC Services

  • End-to-end Threat Visibility
    fox-technology helps you to achieve complete threat visibility, to take measurable action and protect your system from all kinds of software vulnerabilities and malicious activities.
  • Safeguarding Digital Assets
    Our SOC services allow you to stay protective and proactive.
  • Business Continuity
    Quick alerts help you stay alerted and ensure the operational continuity of an organization.