Email Support Outsourcing

Email Support Services, despite of being an asynchronous channel of communication, must respond customer queries at the earliest with the most adequate and accurate solutions. That’s the only key to satisfied customers.

Outsource Email Support Services

For business growth a sustained relationship with customer is important. An impressive email support services must not leave any email unattended or unanswered. An outsourced email support service staff ensures every query received over email is answered with highest possible solution and guidance.

We, at fox-technology, vow to retain existing customers and seek better ways to turn new customers into loyal ones by giving them full support. We know how an exceptional & effective email support service must work. Our 24*7 email support outsourcing services are designed for handling both technical as well as non-technical queries efficiently.

Why Email Support Outsourcing with fox-technology

Customers expect business to give a prompt response to their emails, no matter how busy the business is. One way to overcome this lag time is through outsourcing your email support services to a professional team. Here are the reason why you should outsource our email support services;

  • Domain Knowledge: In 19 years we have exceeded in acquiring in-depth knowledge of diversified domains. We have been catering successfully to various domains, like, banking & finance, logistic & distribution, insurance, automotive, IT & ITES, eCommerce, retail and health care.
  • Experienced Team: Here, customer’s product and services related emails are handled with utmost competency. Our excellent email support services provide full assistance on product/service verification, complaint resolution and guidance. Our exponential knowledge in respected tools enables us to resolve queries within turnaround time.
  • Complete Transparency: We keep our clients in process loop right from the beginning. Be it planning phase or assistance, we make sure our steps match with your expectations. All the questions and responses are shared with you for the approval. Complete transparency reduces cost and time of the entire process.
  • Satisfied Customer: Our Email Support Outsourcing has received laurels in customer support as our services are available 24/7, daily. We found fast resolution to the customer queries considering highest possible quality in mind. Our round the clock and swift services have helped business reduce downtime.
  • Impressive Work-Culture: Emails formats are outlined for the rest of the team that follows it in the exact manner. The team is well-versed with the way they will manage customer issues and FAQs. Database that consists set of frequently asked questions and their answers is updated at regular intervals depending upon the recent interactions.

Once an email has been sent in response to your client’s query from our side, we take an e-mail follow-up to make sure that the issue has been solved. This approach helps improve client satisfaction and establish a better relationship with clients.

Along with this, we can also help you drive better sales through email follow up campaigns. Our email support services are tuned to increase the lead qualification rate.

Direct mail follow up services help in building a long-term relationship with the clients and gaining their trust. Direct mail follow up services can improve the chances of immediate sales. Our email targeting is highly customized depending upon the industry and your business requirements.

If you keep your email availability and support limited to working hours, you may probably be going wrong. Your customers can need assistance at any given time whether it be you working or non- working hours. We can deliver 24/7 email support services on your behalf and help you achieve better email response rate. We deliver personalized and quick email responses to your customers around the clock .i.e on a 24/7 basis.